Why We Recommend Stripe for Online Payment Processing.

We use and recommend Stripe for Onine Payment Processing, and here's why:

Better User Experience

We have found that Stripe provides an overall better experience for customers during the checkout process. Some services, like PayPal Standard, require the customer to leave your website to make payment. This is fine for those of us who are familiar with the PayPal checkout process, but quite often, users get confused thinking they need a PayPal account to check out.

Stripe gives users the ability to checkout without leaving the website. Not only does it look more professional, but it just makes the process a little smoother. Stripe also accepts just about any Payment Method you can think of, including Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Electronic Transfers. Learn More

Easy Account Setup

Setting up a Stripe Account is much easier than other platforms we’ve worked with in the past. You simply Create a Free Stripe Account, then connect your Bank Account to receive payouts.

Competitive Rates

There are no setup fees and Stripe Pricing is comparable to PayPal’s at 2.9% plus 30 cents per transaction. Volume Discounts and special rates for non-profits are also available. (contact [email protected] for more information about Stripe’s non-profit program). 

Intuitive Dashboard

Stripe’s dashboard has a clean interface with intuitive menu labels that make it easy to understand and navigate. There is plenty of up-to date documentation and a great tutorial video to help you manage your account using the Stripe Dashboard.

User Access Settings

Stripe also makes it easier to grant different levels of access for team members and website developers without exposing sensitive account data to those who don’t need it. Learn more about Adding Users in Stripe.

BFeatures for Development & Testing

Stripe makes it easier to set up a testing environment and switch between live payments and test mode. It also provides a list of test cards, tokens and other tools to use during the testing process. See more information about Testing Stripe.

Documentation & Support

Stripe has an excellent support system, with well maintained documentation and a helpful 24/7 support team easily accessible by phone, email or live chat. Here’s how to Contact Stripe for 24/7 Support.

Getting Started with Stripe (For Our Clients)

If you are a client of New Urban Media and would like to use Stripe to process payments through your website. Here’s how to get started:

Set up a Free Stripe Account.

Connect a Bank Account

Grant Developer Access to [email protected]

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