Proper File Formats and Image Sizes for Web Design

It is important to send the proper image sizes and file formats for your web design project. The quality of your content (Text, Images, Graphics, etc.) not only affects the appearance of your site, it also has an impact on its overall performance. For this reason, we have strict guidelines for the quality and format of content we use in our work. These guidelines allow us to be more creative, work more efficiently, and preserve the value of your investment by avoiding the many adverse affects of poorly optimized content.

Logo Specifications

Acceptable logo file formats and sizes for use on a website and most other design projects:

Preferred Formats:EPS, AI, SVG(Vector Formats)
Acceptable Formats:PDF, PNG( With Transparent Backgrounds )
Unacceptable Formats:JPG, JPEG 
Minimum Resolution:72dpi 
Minimum Width: 800px 

Logo Gudelines

Acceptable logo file formats and sizes for use on a website and most other design projects:

  • Logos should always have transparent backgrounds unless the artwork itself is square or rectangular.
  • Photographs of signs, business cards, or logos on printed materials are not acceptable.
  • Logo format and colors may need to be altered (within the boundaries of branding best practices) depending on how they are being used.
  • If logos are not available in an acceptable format or quality, they will need to be re-built and an additional fee may be charged.
  • Resolution & width are not relevant with vector formats since they can be scaled without loosing quality.

Learn more about vector graphics why you should always keep a copy of your your logo in vector format.

Image Specifications

Acceptable logo file formats and sizes for use on a website and most other design projects:

Preferred Formats:JPG, PNG, RAW (Raster Images)
Acceptable Formats:PDF, TIF, GIF 
Unacceptable Formats: 
Minimum Resolution:72dpi 
Preferred Minimum Width:2500pxMost Versatile. Can be scaled down for any use.
 Minimum Width:1920pxAcceptable in most cases.
Absolute Minimum Width1200pxAnything smaller than this may not be useable for any purpose

Images are not usable if:

  • They are too small.
  • They are Stretched, distorted, or pixelated.
  • They are inside of a Word or PDF, or other document.
  • They have been downloaded from Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • They have been downloaded from Google, or other search engines.


Images should not be used unless they meet at least one of the following criteria :

  • They are the legal property of the site owner.
  • They are licensed through a stock image provider.
  • The legal owner has given written permission to use them.
Learn more about file types for images and graphics, and their various uses.

Written Content Specifications

Submit written content (text) in one of the following formats:
Microsoft Word.docx
Apple Pages.pages
Text File.txt
Portable Document Format.pdf


Text may not be accepted if:

  • It is contained in a document that is heavily formatted (different text sizes, colors, symbols, etc).
  • It is contained in a document along with images and graphics.
  • It is in all uppercase or lower case type.
  • It must be re-typed or edited (unless content editing or copywriting is included in the scope of the project.)

Text will not be accepted if:

  • It is hand written.
  • It is scanned or photographed.
  • It is contained in an image file (JPG, PNG, etc.)
  • It cannot be copied or pasted.
  • It has to be re-typed.
Learn about the benefits of well written content and how it affects your website’s ranking and visibility in search engine results.

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