SiteCare Core

Managed Hosting, Maintenance & Support Plan
RECOMMENDED FOR: Small sites (1-3 Pages) with minimal software (Less than 10 Plugins) and no web applications.


To avoid unexpected expenses for repairs and troubleshooting, and to provide you with the services and support you need to keep your website updated and running smoothly, this plan includes:
Your site is securely hosted on Google Cloud servers optimized for speed and performance on the WordPress platform. Should any server-related issues arise, we work with the web hosting engineers to bring your site back online and restore it to a healthy state.
We have a redundant system of backups that make copies of your website’s files and database on a daily and monthly basis, and stores them securely off-site for up to 90 days. In the event of a catastrophic failure, we will restore your site from one of these restore points at no additional charge.

We install SSL certificates on all of the sites we host and maintain. Not only does SSL encryption help to protect the transfer of sensitive information, it enhances consumer trust and meets the security standards that Google looks for when ranking websites. Learn more about the advantages SSL.

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Software updates are processed as recommended by their developers to improve security, stability, and performance. Software conflicts that often result from updates are addressed and repaired at no extra cost to you.
Repairing malfunctions due to software updates, software conflicts, malware, changes in internet browser technologies, or non-user-related damages that cause instability or performance issues are 100% covered.
Does not cover damages caused by anyone outside of our team who is given access to the back-end of the site.

For organizations that prefer to update and publish their own content, we provide user access management and support. Each plan has a limited number of users. (See plans for details

In order to ensure the integrity of the design of the website, and to protect their investment, most of our clients prefer to have us make basic updates to content, like editing text or replacing images on existing pages. Basic content updates are covered with a 24 to 48 hour turn-around in most cases. (Edits that are urgently needed can be expedited upon request).

Every month, we send out reports with detailed information about the status and care of your website. These reports include Software Updates and Optimization Tasks performed, Security Status, Uptime/Downtime, Backup Records, Website Traffic Reports & more.
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Sample Maintenance Report


The following services are not covered by our SiteCare plans, but we can provide a quote if they are needed.