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The structure and quality of your content is the most important element of your website. You want your writing to convince readers that you are the authority in your field, but you also want it to rank high in search engine results. Those two requirements are difficult to achieve simultaneously.

To learn how to write for your users with search engines in mind, see The Definitive Guide to Awesome Web Content by the SEO gurus at MOZ. Then download our Content Template form which will give you some idea of what what we need before posting your content.

How to Submit Content

You can submit your content by filling in the form and saving it using the page title as the file name. Then send it to your content manager at [email protected]. You can also use the form on this page to submit your content. (It asks for the same information)

Related Images

You can also submit related images through this form. If you have more than 3 images, use a cloud drive like DropBox to share images with your designer. (see: How to send content to your designer using a cloud drive)


Here are some terms you need to know in order to complete the content template, or to submit your content via this form.


These are the key phrases that you want this page to show up under in search engine results. Indicate 1 Primary key phrase and up to 3 secondary phrases.

Meta Title

he Meta Title is the fist thing search engine users see and has a big effect on whether or not they actually click on it. Be sure the title is relevant and captivating, and does not sound like an advertisement. Most importantly, make sure it contains the keywords or phrases that you want to rank for when search engine users are looking this product, service, or whatever this page is about.

Meta Description

The Meta Description tells search engines and their users what your page is about. Be sure this description does not sound like an advertisement and that it contains the keywords or phrases that you want this page to show up under in Google Search.


The body of your content needs to compelling, informative, and written for humans first. Just be sure to include the keywords that your target audience might use when looking up your page on search engines.

The body should be written in short sentences and paragraphs. It should include sub-headlines that summarize different sections. Using bullet points to break things down is good too. Again, put search engines out of your mind when writing the content. Once your done, you can go back and look for those keyword opportunities and work them in without compromising the quality of your content.

Call to Action

This is what you ultimately want the user to do after they have read your content. For example, “Request an Estimate”, “Shop Now”, “Contact Us” etc.


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