Event Promotion

What we Need

Effectively promoting an event on social media isn’t as simple as writing a few words, creating a single post and randomly sharing it over and over. It takes time, creativity and thoughtful planning to make sure your promotions reach the right people, in the right places, at the right times and convinces them to attend your event. Here are a few things to that we need in order to promote your event:

Prep Time

In order to effectively promote your event, we need time to prepare your content, design artwork, develop the campaign, set up ads, and schedule your promotions. For this reason, we recommend that you submit the information about your event a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the date you would like for promotions to begin.

Details, Details, Details!

Generally, people will only read your promotion one time. If you begin promoting an event too early, and without much detail, you loose the opportunity to grab the interest of those who see your promotion. Why should I go to this event? Will there be entertainment? Who is performing? Will there be food and door prizes? Is this a fundraiser? Where can I buy tickets? — These are the types of details that need to be  shared right form the beginning. It is best not to begin promotions until there is plenty to say about the event. Therefore, we ask that you provide us with as much detail as possible before we begin promoting your event.


After we begin promoting your event, we will depend on feedback from you about things like ticket availability, change of plans, special announcements, sponsor acknowledgements, etc. A constant stream of fresh information allows us to stir up excitement and keep your event in the forefront of everyone’s mind.


Event Information